Like some “lucky” guys, I had the chance to grow up in “Sport Automobile atmosphere”.
After experiencing some sport cars in the ‘70s, my father focused on Lamborghini for his next car. He made his choice on Jarama 400 GTS. I’ve discovered much later it was #10522.

The young teenager I was lived the Lambo impact like an arrow straight in the heart…and all began with that first experience that never ended. Among many others memories, there is one that remains still intact…when for the first time my father took me for a full day off. Father and son alone, what a symbol ! We all share this image now with our own kids, isn’t.

Using it as an everyday car, Jarama GTS #10522 was not so reliable by that time, and unfortunately my father decided it was time to replace it by a direct competitor of the “Raging Bull”, a new “thrilling” experience too…

Anyway, I definitively promised to me I will have one myself later. In fact, the first Lambo I’ve missed was #10522, but I will explain later that story in a specific chapter.

My sport cars experience leaded me to own a lot of Porsche and few Ferrari. But my first Lambo was a Jalpa in 1991 when I was living in Dallas – TX. Back in Belgium, my second one was a Countach 25th Anniversary in 1995 and because I never stopped tracing my father’s Jarama, I discovered it again in 1996. Then, it was finally in my hands.

Keeping it like a “Jewel” among my collection, another feeling was growing up for years : Racing…

Since 1992, I’ve been involved in Porsche Club meetings and most of my spare time was spent on tracks, like Spa Francorchamps, Zolder, Nürburgring, Magny-Cours, Bugatti-Le Mans, Mas du Clos, and so on.

Having caught with my father the nice opportunity to sell our family business (being founder member of : Auto Distribution Belgium), I was more and more attracted by running and being involved in a Racing Team, nothing else matter by that time. So in order to raise funds, I‘ve started to sell my collection by the end of 1999.

Foolish will you believe…you may be right !

I’ve no regret with what I’ve lived until 2005 with “PSI Motorsport s.a.”(, it was a great experience focusing on Porsche Tuning, manufacturing PSI 996 GT2 FIA, selling them to private customers or running them in several Championships & races through Europe.

These days were exhilarating, but Human mood is so unpredictable, I’m too. My business career took again a new orientation, selling my PSI shares and focusing on another automobile target, ecological this time with Ecobox® (

All these years, I never stopped paying attention to Lamborghini evolution and my Jarama ’s love stays always intact since 1977.

Today, Jarama 400 GTS #10528 is sitting in my garage, you will also discover its nice story, that the previous owner recorded through many documents and pictures.

With modesty, I hope this Website will please you. After 3 years since its original launch back in 2007 it was time to update this dedication to Jarama, the 2nd “Forgotten” Lamborghini, after Islero. As my mother language is French, you will forgive me for my English mistakes, and I will appreciate you provide me corrections, updates and eventually new info. The more accurate this Website will be, better it will be for the Lamborghini community.


My first special thank is going to Louis Herrin who give me the idea to create this website about the second “Forgotten” Lambo, as he’s doing the one about Islero, since I’ve researched and finally bought the Le Mans Islero racer. We exchanged Lambo info, he is like a "wonderful star" to follow, and that's what I'm defining as "generosity leads by passion"...I'm very proud to have crossed his "Road".

I'm also taking the opportunity to thank and to congratulate Glen Kohut 's awesome work, his website is a worldwide deep source for all Lambo community.

I would like to give my grateful thank to Michel Levy & Neldo Levy ( and to all the Jarama owners who directly help me to update this registry, even if for privacy purpose their name is not listed on this website, they will recognize themselves.

Finally, I can’t forget to thank so much my
wonderful wife who always encouraged me
in this Jarama tribute.

She is very comprehensive due to all the
time I’ve spent in travels across Europe                               
and on my computer instead of sharing it
with her…




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